the Kitchen Wizz Pro BFP800

the Kitchen Wizz Pro BFP800

The Big Mouth Food Processor With Finer, More Even Slicing

All food comes in different shapes and sizes. So how do you get any size slice you like?

The extra-wide feed chute cuts longer slices and makes processing faster and easier. Gone are the days of having to chop potatoes into little pieces to fit into the chute. The variable slicing disc has 24 settings so you can customise the thickness of your slices from a paper thin 0.5mm all the way up to a thick 8.0mm. Use the Quad Processing Blade with four blades instead of two to cut through tasks quickly in the extra large 2.5L bowl. Or, for tinier tasks, the mini processing bowl is the perfect size for small quantities.

  • Variable slicing disc with 24 thickness settings
  • Extra Wide Dual Function (large & small) Feed Chute
  • Mini processing bowl
  • Quad Blade for reduced processing time
  • 2000 watt direct drive heavy duty induction motor
  • 2.5 litre capacity
  • Count up and count down timer
  • Discs for slicing, julienne, chip cutting, shredding, whisking
  • Safety overload protection
  • Quad blade, mini blade and dough blade
  • Accessory Storage Box
  • Illuminated push-button control
  • Safety interlock system

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